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Welcome to EMPI
Energetic Materials and Products, Inc. (EMPI) was founded for the purpose of commercializing disruptive energetic formulations and products for commercial and defense applications.

platform (core) technology is its novel, specialized energetic materials.  Our platform technology has allowed EMPI to develop unique energetic tools and devices with selectable, scalable and tunable outputs for a wide range of customer driven applications.  The versatility of our platform technology has allowed us to develop applications and prototype products in several market segments as shown below


EMPI also offers contract services for design, testing, and development to the government and the private sector.  We have three test facilities within a 50 mile range of our engineering and corporate office.   Each facility offers a variety of testing options allowing us to precisely tailor the facility to the item for the most cost-effective solution.  Be sure to visit our Capabilities page, which gives an overview of our testing capabilities.

For additional information about EMPI, Inc., please refer to our About EMPI page.  You can reach us by calling 512-380-1992 or click here to email.


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