Industrial & Defense Energetic Material Technology Developer

Innovation, Safety, and Rapid Response

Our mission is to develop enabling technologies and deliver products that employ energetic materials for innovative customer solutions.

EMPI: Explosive, Pyrotechnic, & Ballistic Devices

​​​​EMPI specializes in a core technology of reactive materials with scalable and tunable output.  Our engineers, scientists, and technicians apply this core technology to develop new energetic tools and devices for wide range of industrial and defense applications.

​​Our Goals:

For Law Enforcement & Military Customers, our goal is to provide enhanced capabilities whilst saving lives.  To name a few examples:  Our munitions technologies provide selectable blast and fragmentation to minimize collateral damage to non-combatants.  Our breaching tools maximize maneuverability and speed to keep operators out of the line of fire. Our counter-IED ballistic technologies neutralize dangerous devices quickly from a safe distance.  Our vehicle blast mitigation technologies reduce explosive acceleration effects to minimize injuries and fatalities.

For Commercial & Industrial Customers, our goal is to save time and money.  We have developed multiple concepts through prototype stages for the oil and gas industry. Our reactive materials can improve existing technologies or enable completely new tools for improved reliability, increased functionality, and reduced cost.  We welcome industry leaders to approach us with new problems or new technologies in need of ideas and development.

Our Strategies:

  • Maintain expertise in novel energetic materials

  • Sustain a company culture that promotes innovation and creativity

  • Maintain small company agility and adaptability

  • Produce quality results with great cost efficiency

  • Partner with industrial leaders with complimenting technologies

  • Preserve safety by training, experience, knowledge and implementation