In 2006, Dennis Wilson left Novacentrix, LLC (the premier nano-aluminum manufacturer) to start EMPI.  He immediately generated US government interest in nano-energetic applications. The Air Force  funded a series of SBIR's to develop APEX1717, a non-conventional explosive which enables selectable effects and dial-a-yield blast for munitions.  Early on, another series of SBIR's was awarded to develop reactive cargo bullets to defeat heavy cased IED's.  EMPI has been awarded more than 20 phase SBIR contracts, which evolved to 8 phase II SBIRs and then 3 phase III SBIRs.  Over the years we have benn building expertise and connections in the energetics community.

Focusing on our mission, our goal has always been to transition scientific research into products that benefit commercial and government users. Establishing our own test facility with top-notch equipment and diagnostics has been pivotal to our success.  Our private facilities enable us to be very cost effective in test and evaluation as well as flexible to the customers needs.

In Q4 2012, EMPI introduced a prototype TEC Torch system for commercial and military breaching applications. Early TRL 4 prototypes were a spinoff from an AFRL SBIR.  EMPI has matured the TEC Torch and accessories to TRL 8 and established a dedicated low volume (LRIP) production facility.  EMPI has created customer awareness and began selling LRIP quantites in Q3 2013. As TEC Torch sales grow, we have negotiated a high volume  manufacturing agreement with a large volume energetics manufacturer and assembly company.

EMPI: Reactive Materials & Explosives Developer

Dennis Wilson (CEO) started EMPI with the vision of applying novel energetic materials, engineering, and design to commercial and defense applications. To progress this vision, EMPI offers the full spectrum from concept to production of technologies based on explosives, pyrotechnics, and ballistics.  

Industrial & Defense Energetic Material Technology Developer

We specialize in rapid development.  Our typical roles include:

  • Lead Developer

In this case, a solution concept is generated by EMPI in response to a government or industry requirement.   EMPI will form a statement of work and cost proposal to acquire funding from industry or a government agency with connection to the end user.  EMPI controls the development tempo and steers technology progression by direct interaction with the user requirements.

  • Sub-Developer

In this case, a solution concept already exists and EMPI is selected to add our technology for an integrated system or EMPI is selected to use our expertise in mechanical design, fabrication, and testing to demonstrate the concept function and path to commercialization.

  • Service Testing

In this case, EMPI is selected to perform standarized or customized testing.  Customers may have a known devices with well defined applications.  EMPI may be selected to design and perform tests for model validate.  EMPI may be selected to collect performance or safety data.