Industrial & Defense Energetic Material Technology Developer


A 6000 sq. ft building houses our engineering, management, and administrative offices.  The facility has a small chemistry lab for formulation and safety testing.  The facility also has a lab and high bay area for device and fixture fabrication.  The high bay also houses a 10 meter indoor gun range with multiple test barrel calibers and reloading equipment. A 600 sq. ft machine shop on site provide precise and fast turn-around capabilities for prototype, test article, and tooling fabrication.

Our Team

Due to the complexity of our development work, we are majority professional level scientists and engineers (PhD, MS, and BS).  Our professional staff act as project leaders and we instill a full spectrum of responsibility and project ownership.  Project leaders will own a concept from concept, to design of experiments or modeling, to fabrication, to testing, to data analysis, to reporting and presentation.

Due to the diversity of project needs, project leaders are supported by experienced technicians (explosive, carpenters, welders, electricians, machinists, etc.) and our administrative staff.

We also have multiple roles filled by subject-matter experts contractors on a part-time basis.


EMPI has two main facilities: our headquarters in Round Rock, TX and test or test site near Burnet, TX

Test Site

Our 12000 sq. ft building is divided into multiple safety zones for explosives storage, processing, and assembly.  

Nearby a 1000 sq. ft dirt pad is used as a test arena with a control room and storage. The arena is customizable for multiple diagnostics including high-speed video, pressure sensors, unconfined momentum traps, witness screens, frag collection packs, etc. Heavy equipment such as skidsteer, dozers, and front-end loaders are available onsite.

Nearby a unique 150 ft deep lake is available for underwater ballistics and explosives testing. To support past programs, we have a 10 x 22 ft pontoon shuttle boat that usually serves as a work space and tool barge.  Also on the lake, is a custom 10 x 40 ft catamaran with a electric wenches to raise and lower test fixtures to precise depths.  Divers are available on as needed basis to support testing.