Industrial & Defense Energetic Material Technology Developer

Specialized Devices

Our experience in explosives, ballistics, and pyrotechnics is amenable to many technology solutions in industry and government.  Applications extend to industries such as military, special operations, law enforcement, border control, oil & gas tools, and many others.

As a small business, we are well suited for small project developments and LRIP.

We welcome customers to bring their problems or technology gaps and let our team develop solution concepts from scratch.  We equally welcome customers to bring a concept to us for development in which our expertise and capabilities can advance a system to improve a process for the end user.

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Reactive Cargo Projectiles

When kinetic energy is not enough, we add reactive materials to enhance the ballistic energy on target.  These truly are cargo bullets, in that, with our experience, we can modify the design to carry almost any payloads dependent on the application. Payloads can be explosives, reactive materials, taggants, markers, initiators, and much more.  We have developed reactive cargo projectiles from 0.30 Cal to 40 mm with velocities up to 1000 m/s.

Our simple cargo projectiles typically contain a metal shell and an energetic payload that react or disperse on impact.  If a reactive material is installed, the reaction rate can be precisely tuned such that the thermal reaction occurs inside the target after penetration has occurred. 

Our complex cargo projectiles typically contain a metal shell, energetic payload, and an initiator train. The advantage is that the initiator train can have a chemical or electronic delay allowing control of the explosion or payload dispersion event. For example, in a C-IED program, we demonstrated penetrating a target, allowing the projectile to halt in the explosive target, then detonating 3.5 seconds later.  As a second example, we have demonstrated a 50 Cal. cargo projectile, with an explosive burster and metallic shot to act as a long range non-lethal grenade.

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We have an extensive engineering database for novel nano-composites.  For example, nano-thermites and nano-explosives with discrete metal fuel and oxidizer particles in the 100 nm or less size range. These compositions react and liberate energy by a rapid combustion process and classified as a special class of pyrotechnics or low explosives.

The small particles enable improved mixing and reduced diffusion lengths for fast reaction rates.  Many variables such as composition, morphology, and processing can be customized for specific application control.

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Modified Explosives

Defined as explosive formulations with higher energy density than traditional explosives (such as TNT, RDX, and HMX). Unlike traditional explosives, the reaction rate of these materials depends on the initiation stimulus, which also enables control of energy release rate.

EMPI designs, fabricates, and tests several modified explosive formulations. Examples include: APEX (aluminum perfluoropolyether explosive), APEX Hybrids, and RMBX (Reactive Multiphase Blast).

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